Consumer Code.

Homes with Checkmate Structural Warranties:

All homes purchased in the Commodore, Cambrian View Phase 2, Clare Hill Cottages and Ashdale Mews developments are covered by the Trading Standards Institute approved Checkmate Consumer Code, which can be accessed here:

Homes with BLP Structural Warranties

All homes purchased in the Woodland View development are covered by the BLP Code for the Sale of New Homes, which can be accessed here:

Other Developments

All other developments are covered by the following consumer code: 


- A written reservation agreement

- An explanation of the Home Warranty cover

- A description of any management services and organisations to which the Home Buyer will be committed and an estimate of their cost

If the home is not yet completed, must also include:

- A brochure or plan reliably showing the layout, appearance and plot position of the home


- A list of the home’s contents

- The standards to which the home is being built


Home Buyers’ must be given a Reservation agreement that sets out clearly the terms of the Reservation, including, but not limited to;

- The amount of the Reservation fee

- What is being sold

- The purchase price

- How and when the reservation agreement will end


- How long the price remains valid

- The estimated cost and nature of any management services the Home Buyer must pay for

Contact, deposits and pre-payments

The home Builder must clearly explain how Home Buyers’ contract deposits are protected and how any other pre-payments are dealt with.